Commercial Power Washing in Katy, TX

Blast away dirt, mold, algae and other substances from your commercial property in Katy, Fulshear and Richmond cities.

What does an ugly exterior appearance say about your property or business?

It is likely that it says enough that your property or business won’t ever get another single word in.

If your company is looking to attract more customers – and especially more affluent customers – you must pay close attention to the image your company creates.

Your image begins with the exterior of your business because it is the first impression your potential customers get even before they make the decision to come inside.

If you have noticed that your property could use some cleaning then you can certainly trust that others have noticed as well. You can count on Pressure Washing Katy not only for soft washing houses and pressure washing fences but also for professional quality results that your company can be proud of.

Proper maintenance of your commercial property doesn’t just mean keeping everything looking clean, it also means keeping your customers or tenants safe. We pressure wash concrete at all sorts of businesses including gas stations, restaurants, retail stores and hotels.

Concrete that develops mold and mildew stains also make your inside flooring dirty more quickly and nobody wants to look at old nasty gum baked into your concrete just before they walk into your business.

Maintaining your commercial property, including cleaning your windows, can also save you money by reducing your future cost of painting, wood replacement, stucco repairs and parking lot striping by removing the stains that will damage those surfaces.  Not to mention commercial roof cleaning can extend the life of your roof!

Hiring the wrong pressure washing company can lead to disastrous results 

All too often, customers look for the lowest price without considering the quality – which leads to bad results that can be impossible to fix.

Concrete and painted surfaces take experience and the proper techniques and chemicals to clean correctly and most power washing companies just don’t have these things or the know-how to employ them on commercial projects.

Make the smart choice by hiring true professionals pressure washers for your commercial property and save yourself the wasted time and money of a poor quality clean.

Pressure Washing Katy can professionally power wash cooling towers, office buildings, parking lots, warehouses, strip centers, parking garages and many other specialty pressure washing projects for local businesses in Katy, Fulshear and Richmond Texas.

We also partner closely with home owners associations and apartment complexes to keep community walls, pool areas, clubhouses, common areas, play sets, patios, and sidewalks as clean as possible.

Customized price quotes for commercial power washing projects can be done quickly and delivered either in writing or in e-mail format.

Feel free to contact us anytime for a fast and hassle-free price quote or to discuss specifics such as scheduling, water availability, extended service contracts and any other special considerations.

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