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Pressure Washing Katy offers professional quality exterior solutions in Sugar Land, TX!  We offer a wide variety of cleaning services to remove a vast array of stains from roofs, siding, stucco, sidewalks, driveways and more. Take a few moments to fill out our form and we will get right to work on your custom, hassle-free price quote.

We’ll get in touch with you via email and send you a proposal the same day in most cases without having to come out to your property!  We have completed thousands of projects from Greatwood to Ashford Lakes so you can trust us to beautify your property, maintain safety and boost its value!

Residential Pressure Washing Services

We offer power washing services of the highest possible quality. Residential property owner throughout Sugar Land can rely on us to clean every one of their exterior surfaces. Our goal is to make your home look utterly refreshed and brand new. Best of all, we are capable of accomplishing this without causing property damages.

Unlike the home power washing equipment that homeowners can purchase from themselves in-store, our equipment features special, soft-wash settings and technologies for applying the perfect amount of pressure to clean driveways and houses and everything in between. With this maintenance and upkeep, you can save considerable money by limiting the need for trim repairs and exterior painting.

Residential Pressure Washing Services

We take great pride in our residential power washing services and have a well trained team that can restore your home and help prevent costly repairs. Residential home owners throughout Richmond have trusted us since 2005 to keep their homes looking great and increase their home value. We treat every home we pressure wash with as much care and detail as we would our own and we have been rewarded with over 15 successful years in business!

If we weren’t great at what we do would we have lasted 15 years?  Someone without this much experience can cause a lot of damage in a very short amount of time but we are capable of accomplishing sparkling results without causing property damage. The equipment we use is not like the pressure washers that homeowners can buy from Home Depot or Lowe’s. 

Our equipment allows for soft-wash settings and the capability to apply the specific amount of pressure needed to safely clean every surface. With regular cleaning and care you can maintain a beautiful home and save a considerable amount of money by extending the need for trim repairs or exterior repainting.

Commercial Pressure Washing Services

Businesses in Sugar Land need at least the same amount of care and upkeep as residential properties do. In many ways, maintaining the exterior of commercial locations is even more important since an unkept exterior will impact both the reputation of the company and the safety of clients and employees.

Businesses within the 77478, 77479, 77496, 77498 and 77487 zip codes can count on us to provide professional quality commercial pressure washing services.  We can handle a vast range of commercial power washing needs within the greater Sugarland area. We work closely with the City Of Sugar Land to help keep ground water storage tanks clean as well as working with many Home Owners Associations in the area.  We professionally clean everything from parking lots, building exteriors, warehouses, to cleaning sidewalks and more. Contact us  now so that we can get to work on your custom price quote!

Pressure Washing Services In Katy Texas

Safe Roof Cleaning

There are countless roofs in Sugar Land, Texas that are showing the signs of premature aging. This manifests in the form of brown and black discoloration that takes away from the all-around curb-appeal of the home and can lead to costly roof replacement. We can d safely kill the mold and mildew and remove this unattractive layer of discoloration by using our specialized, top-quality detergents and our soft-wash technologies we created specifically for roof washing.

Do not let an inexperienced roof cleaning “company” ruin your roof or landscaping!  Hire the most experienced and reputable company in Sugar Land to get your shingle, tile or metal roof washing job done properly the first time. When you hire Pressure Washing Katy -you can rest assured you will get amazing results every time!

Exterior Window Cleaning in Sugarland

Windows sometimes get forgotten about when it comes to cleaning homes and businesses. The problem with that is that windows account for a big portion of the perimeter of the building and thus need professional window washing from time to time.

We have a top quality system for window washing that safely and effectively removes the dirt, dust, mildew, mold, and streaks that tend to build up on the windows.

We will take special care to thoroughly clean the glass, the frames and the insect screens so the entire area is as clean as it can possibly be.  When you request your power washing quote make sure to mention you would also like the exterior windows washed as well!