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Exterior Windows Cleaning In Katy

We always recommend cleaning exterior windows along with our whole house soft washing service to get the very best results.

Depending on the hardness of the water at your home or business power washing can leave water spots on the glass once the water dries and the minerals from the water are left behind.

When you chose to have us clean your exterior windows after we pressure wash your home we offer a discounted price on window cleaning when these two projects are done together!

Window cleaning can be a dangerous chore if not done properly and will often leave a haze on the glass if the wrong products are used! Washing second-story windows on a ladder is never recommended – even under ideal conditions.

It only takes a split second to slip, for the ladder to adjust, for the wind to blow or any number of other circumstances to occur that can lead to a nasty fall. It’s even more dangerous and even more difficult than it seems and is to be left to professionals with experience and equipment for the task.

When washing exterior windows we generally use a new technological breakthrough called a water-fed-pole system.

This allows the professional window cleaners at Pressure Washing Katy to remain safely on the ground in almost all cases and achieves better results that last longer.

With the heat we experience in the Katy, Fulshear, and Richmond areas it is nearly impossible to properly clean an exterior window when any amount of sunlight is hitting the glass….the cleaners on the glass simply dry too quickly, and leave streaks once squeegeed.

Also, using a mop and squeegee does not do a good job of cleaning the frames or tracks of the windows the way our water-fed pole system does. Hard water stains are also major problems on the exterior glass as a result of the minerals in the water used for

When washing exterior windows we generally use a new technological breakthrough called a water-fed-pole-system.

Please let us know if you have hard water removal issues on your windows so we can provide an accurate price quote and set realistic expectations.

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