Cooling Tower Power Washing Katy, TX

Pressure Washing Katy also offers professional cooling tower maintenance cleaning in Katy, Richmond and Fulshear and Houston. Cleaning a cooling tower properly is not an easy or quick job. It often requires crawling into tight spaces, getting drenched with water and using powerful chemicals to dissolve the hard water that builds up on the screens….sound like fun?

Maintaining your cooling towers and screens is very important to maintain efficiency and keep them in operation for as long as possible…otherwise the

The problem is that all the contamination in the water ends up settling in the tower, clogging up screens and filters and keeping the system from working the way it is supposed to. Even with the introduction of cost of repairing or replacing them is mind blowing! We don’t pretend to specialize in repairing the systems or building the towers…we just help keep them clean so they work the way the are supposed to.  The use the proper chemicals designed to keep the water clean and soft and reduce scale build up…most systems need a good cleaning twice per year.

Each system is different but the general goal is the same, make sure water and air are moving the way they are supposed to and nothing is clogged. We can safely clean the system so the air and water can do their jobs and the facility can remain cool all year long!

Contact Pressure Washing Katy today for all your commercial power washing needs and to make sure your cooling tower is operating at peak efficiency all year long and ….that you stay dry!