Located at 21000 Franz Rd, Katy, TX 77449 is Morton Ranch High School. Something you will be sure to notice while driving through beautiful Katy, Texas is the local high school, Morton Ranch High School. This high school serves roughly around 2,800 students, and is well known by everyone in the Katy area. Founded in 2004, the school uses a maverick as their mascot, with the motto “Be purple, be proud, it’s the MAVERICK way.” The school is located on 21000 Franz Rd, Katy, TX 77449, and is a free public school. This high school is rated #2,287 in the National Rankings. Here’s everything to know about this school and how it’s served the town for the past 18 years.

Morton Ranch High School Katy Power Washing

Morton Ranch High School is situated on a suburban campus with a campus size of 112 acres and is near Katy Park. Its campus is large and the school’s classic design makes it feel familiar to everyone in Katy, TX. The school’s official colors are purple and white. Its principal is Julie Hinson, and they maintain a teaching staff of 188 teachers, with a student to teacher ratio of 15.05. The student demographics include 39% white, 36% Hispanic or Latino, 18% African American and 5% Asian. Children at Risk, a nonprofit group, described this high school as one of the best in it’s area. Famous graduates of this school include several professional athletes, such as Danielle Hunter of the NFL, Tamyra Mensah-Stock, an Olympic Gold Medalist, Kevin Foster, and Elijah Hall.

Many people from Katy, Texas have now graduated from Morton Ranch High School and gone on to become successful adults. Some even run businesses like mine offering pressure washing, carpet cleaning or roofing.  Online reviews about the high school hold it in high regard, and many former students praise the school for it’s kind staff, diverse students, curriculum, and more. Most of the former students of this school are fond of it after graduating, which is likely why it scores well in online ratings. Although most people don’t stop to review their high school, the majority of local reviews for this high school were firmly positive.

However, not everyone who attended Morton Ranch High School felt so good about it; and like any school, it has it’s fair share of bad days. A number of students from Katy, Texas have gone on to describe how they felt mistreated by the staff and teachers here, describing that the teachers didn’t seem very invested in the students. Other complaints involve the cafeteria food, where one former student claimed to have been served spoiled milk, and found the food to be neglected overall.

In general, Morton Ranch High School has a fairly solid reputation in it’s community, and many of the current and former students view this high school fondly. However, it has had some issues in the past, and not everyone in Katy Texas feels this is the best school in the area. If you find yourself in Katy TX, or might move here in the future, this high school is still a reasonable option for your children’s education. Though, it’s worth keeping in mind that like many public schools, this one runs into issues from time to time.