As we try to keep our selves clean and presentable, we will extend this habit to a many different things in our lives. Cars, homes, Patio, even gardens and driveways will get special treatment, and we can use the power washing to achieve most of them.

But there are those places and instances where power washing is vital for us to do a good cleaning job, yet many of us overlook it completely and decide on different course of action. We are here to present those situations where power washing is a must to ensure safety, cleanliness and making sure you’ve done a thorough job.


pressure washing playground

There are a few things dirtier on this world than a toddler’s hands and best believe they will try to touch every single inch of the playground. Now consider how many kids pass through a playground in a day and you will get a bacteria-filled image hard to shake out off your mind. That image becomes worse if you consider an outside playground, perfectly located for every animal to use it as a toilet.

Trying to find a combination of cleaners safe for children and animal and a good way to clean this area is a big task that quickly becomes manageable with power washing. With power washing every playground can become a clean and secure area for our little ones’.

Swimming Pools

pool pressure washing

Cleaning your pool doesn’t mean cleaning only the actual pool structure and water. It means you have to make sure the area surrounding your pool is also swiped clean and make sure there is no debris to accidentally fly into the water. Because when contaminated with leaves, insects and small animals droppings, algae will build up fast and make your pool water unsanitary.

Cleaning of the surrounding area is important for the very same reason as you may unknowingly spread all the filth further into your home. Power washing is your pool cage, screens and the surrounding area is a great way to make sure your pool stays clean for a long time.


Now most of us usually have a pretty twisted logic when it comes to cleaning the BBQ. We tell ourselves that the high heat will burn of any bacteria and dirt, making it safe to use. What most of us don’t know is that letting that fat build up everywhere is preventing the right air flow of the BBQ which can lead to many damages to your grill.

That dirt that accumulates, a mixture of grease, soot and carbon, is actually called scale. If you let it build up on the hood of your grill it may start ”snowing” flakes on your food the next time you invite your family over for BBQ, leaving your food tasting rancid and just not having a good flavor at all.

And to clean your BBQ you need to use a solution specially made for that grill, on top of having to scrub like a madman. With power washing cleaning your BBQ is a whole different story. In just a few minutes you can power wash your grill and get rid of all the bacteria without the use of the cleaners.