Does Weather Affect Pressure Washing

Pressure washing is a super effective way to get rid of dirt, grime, mold, algae, and so on from all types of surfaces including concrete, brick, wood, metal, vinyl, and more! The use of high-pressure water along with Pressure Washing Katy’s superior detergents can literally transform a dirty, dingy surface into a clean and bright one, making a huge difference to how your home or business looks and functions, while at the same time reducing potential health hazards.

Get ahead of the elements

Are you aware of the importance of checking your environment and the climate before having a pressure washing?

Well, air pressure, temperature, and humidity will all have a significant impact on your power cleaning in some way or the other, with weather conditions being more severe during the scorching hot summer and harsher during the cold winter months. This will undoubtedly have a significant impact on how frequently you’ll need to pressure wash, as well as the equipment and techniques needed to get your facilities gleaming clean.

Katy weather patterns

For those of you living in Katy, Texas, you’ll know that summers can get quite hot and muggy, with high humidity levels and temperatures that range from the 80s to the mid-90s, whilst the winters are short and chilly with average temperatures dropping to the 50s and 60s.

For good measure, there’s also a fair amount of rainfall (approximately 48 inches) over the course of the year which, quite simply, poses some challenges for pressure washing.

How Pressure Washing Katy stays ahead of the weather

A half cleaned house roof shows the before and after effect of a roof cleaning.

  • Pressure washing should be done more often in the summer & Spring months as Katy’s hot and humid weather can foster the growth of mold, mildew, algae, and germs on your outside surfaces. In addition to staining and damaging them, these organisms also carry a risk to your health as they can trigger all manner of allergies, infections, or respiratory issues. Our professional pressure washing services ensure longer-lasting results as these unsightly growths will have to start reproducing all over again.
  • Surfaces may be more susceptible to sun damage such as stains or fading, as well as the breakdown of sealants and waterproof coverings, due to Katy’s high humidity levels. To combat this, when pressure washing in the summer we use environmentally friendly detergents that are toxic-free and biodegradable, leaving your surfaces grime-free and without any residues.
  • When temperatures are extremely high in Katy your surfaces might expand and contract more than normal, resulting in cracks or gaps that allow water and dirt to accumulate. In order to ensure that cleaning work is completed correctly, safely, and with long-lasting results, our friendly specialists take care to apply the correct amount of pressure and the appropriate detergents to ensure that your property is cleaned thoroughly and remains undamaged.
  • During winter, in Katy you may not need to pressure wash your surfaces as frequently due to the mild and damp weather that results in less dust and grime buildup. However, it’s advisable to contact Pressure Washing Katy to inspect your surfaces for any dirt or damage before the onset of freezing weather. This will prevent any water from freezing inside the surfaces, which may cause cracks or leaks.
  • Low temperatures can cause your surfaces to become more rigid and shrink, making them more impervious to dirt and water penetration. During winter pressure washing, we can effectively and efficiently remove all dirt and grime from your surfaces without wasting water.
  • The damp weather in Katy might increase the likelihood that freezing and thawing cycles can cause long-term damage to your surfaces. When pressure cleaning in the winter, we utilize powerful anti-freeze detergents that are specially created for chilly climates. These detergents will lower the freezing point and increase the suppleness of your surfaces, preventing them from freezing or cracking.

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